What you'll learn

Fuel your passion.

Add Depth to your emotions

Learn Fluid and Graceful Movements

Rekindle the ability to experience pleasure

Be Present in your body

Accept your Sensuality and become more Creative.

Bring back Enthusiasm for life

Learn to Nurture the self and others

Learn Deep Acceptance and welcome Change


This course can help you if you want to improve any of the followings:


Poor social skills

Stiffness in body

Denial of pleasure

Shallow feelings

Excessive boundaries

Frigidity of sex

Lack of passion and excitement

Resistance to Change

Addiction to pleasure

Emotionally sensitive

Obsessive attachment

Sexual addiction

Poor boundaries


  • No prior experience needed.


Who were you before the world told you who to be?

An honest, tender conversation with videos and supporting facts, where we dive into how early influences formed the paradigm we currently live in, the importance of self-trust, coming back home to the body and the sacredness of our sexuality. 

This course is an introduction to understanding and transforming Sexual Energy. All you need to understand on Mastering SEXUAL ENERGY through inspiring TALKS, guided MEDITATIONS and special PRACTICES for spiritual transformation. This course prepares and equips you with all the tools and knowledge you need to approach Sacred Sexuality.

About the Course

Energy Management is crucial for anything that you want to achieve. Intimacy is more than pleasure, it is a spiritually powerful energy.

How Intimacy Helps us?

  •  Intimacy encounter holds incredible power to Manifest your Goals.
  • Learn to deepen your intimacy with yourself so that you can deepen your intimacy and create fulfilling relationship.
  • Intimacy increases Vitality and Longevity, we become more vibrant beings.
  • Conscious Intimacy accelerates Spiritual Growth.

I look forward to seeing you inside!

More Prana to you!


Who this course is for:

  • Curious, open minded people who want to understand the nature of sexual energy
  • People interested in sacred sexuality
  • People interested in heightening your bliss and becoming orgasmic

About the Author

Aditya calls himself an Alchemist, expert in Tantra (Buddhist and Indian), Taoism, Shamanism, Regression Therapy and Psychology. He authored two books - Transition - Awakening through Gender Identity and Gandharvaloka- The Shape Shifters. He has been presenting Sacred Sexuality workshops in many International conferences for the last five years.

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